Deluxe Horse Solaria

incl. safety lift

incl. controller

  • supports coin-based and electronic payment schemes

flexible thermal configurations

  • 10500 up to 13700 W
  • flexibly equippable with infrared and ultra-violet spot lights

customizable coloring

Overview: Deluxe Horse Solaria

Horse solaria of the Deluxe-series aggregate excellent performance coinciding with distinctive designs. All infrared spots are embedded in the horse solarium frame and are ultimately covered by ESG safety glass. This encapsulation minimizes risks of injury and allows for easy cleaning of the horse solaria.

Schirocco Deluxe horse solaria boost infrared drying capabilities by heating coils also embedded in the horse solarium frame along with low noise air fans accommodating reasonable air circulation, significantly improving drying effects especially in the abdominal domain.

Ultra Deluxe horse solaria additionally support adjustment of the side compartments of the horse solarium frame. This not only allows to flexibly align flanking infrared spots and air blowers to the horses torso, but also saves space in standby mode by flattening side compartements towards the ceiling (especially useful, when ceiling height is a concern).

...elite design & engineering!

horse solarium*:
10500 W
30x 350 W
5750 €
Ultra Deluxe
10500 W
30x 350 W
6750 €
Schirocco Deluxe
13700 W
22x 350 W, 2x 3000 W
6900 €
Schirocco Ultra Deluxe
13700 W
22x 350 W, 2x 3000 W
7750 €

* all models require three-phase rotary current
** prices do not include sales tax, packaging materials, shipping & handling