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HorsePro PowerTrainer

Please take a look around! The horsePRO PowerTrainer is the horse treadmill made from high-grade steel. Years of experience and the highest level of engineering have combined perfectly to produce this top quality treadmill. We would be happy to send you all the product information per post or e-mail and additionally you may want download an horsePro Powertrainer brochure at the very bottom of this page.
The positive workout of this training device is a benefit for the high performance development of horses in all disciplines of the sport.


Through proven technology the horsePRO PowerTrainer gives real support for the health, fitness and well being of your horse.
The horsePRO PowerTrainer furthers the development of the back muscles and those of the hind quarters. It’s optimal for the development of muscle power, coordination and condition of the horse. The horsePRO-PowerTrainer allows the horse to use it’s natural desire for movement. Vets recommend the installation of the horsePRO PowerTrainer for a controlled training advancement, convalescence, prevention of muscle and bone problems and injuries.

Technical Properties

The horsePRO PowerTrainer is constructed of a high grade stainless steel frame with side panels that are made from a robust kick proof synthetic material. The horse moves on an endurable long lasting band that gives them optimal grip and an even foot surface that is vibration free, enabling as little wear and tear on the horse as possible. The band speed is easily adjusted on a computer controlled system. The horsePRO PowerTrainer doesn’t function on the usual roller treadmill system. Instead there is a smooth plate under the band that optimises the level foot surface.

Variable Programmable Training Schemes

The training and therapy programme for your horses can be individually designed and varied as often as you desire. The speed can be smoothly and evenly regulated without sudden changes to suite your horse’s individual needs. The steepness is also adjustable and is hydraulically controlled with the desired grade being set via the computer.

The horsePRO-PowerTrainer is the product of years of development with the input from veterinarians, riders and breeders who have generously donated their experience and knowledge.
It can be delivered with or without the roof structure to suite the individual client’s wishes.
Clients can individually choose the isolation, the height and width, as well as the colour and densification.

Safety Packet

The horsePRO PowerTrainer is well known for it’s durability and greatest possible safety for you and your horse. The horsePRO PowerTrainer is extremely quiet and requires very little maintenance. The control panel is clearly laid out and simple to operate. Additionally, the horsePRO PowerTrainer is fitted with three safety switches, two for emergency stop, one in front and one behind, plus a photo electric beam which switches the treadmill off immediately should a horse stumble or have difficulties. An installed brake in the motor disables the band from moving while the horse is being led on or off.


Length: 3950 cm
Length with entry and exit ramps: 6000 cm
Width: 1500 cm
Height: 1700 cm
Height (maximum) : 2000
Engine: 4 KW, 380 Volt
Hydraulics: 2,2 KW, 380 Volt
Weight: ca. 1,4 to
Control panel with settings
Machine’s power connection 5 x 16 Amp
Neutral position: Manual operation
Programmes 1 - 5: Computer controlled
Self-lubricating construction

Click her to download the horsePro PowerTrainer brochure.